Shitanoe Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter “Company”) sets provisions to handle the personal information relating to our customers (hereinafter “Personal Information”).

The Personal Information shall be limited to be used within the purpose defined in this PRIVACY POLICY under strict control.

The Company continuously reviews / revises the Company’s compliance in accordance with Japanese laws or regulations applied to the protection of the Personal Information.

Collection of the Personal Information.

When collecting personal information, we will clearly state the purpose for which the information is to be used. We will use the collected personal information only within the scope of the stated purpose.

Use of the Personal Information.

The Company will not use the Personal Information for any other purposes without the customer’s consents, except for the following cases.

  • When the Company cannot confirm the identity of individual.
  • When the information is required to be used further than the original purpose pursuant to laws or regulations.

Disclosure to the third party.

Except for the following cases, The Company will not disclose the Personal Information to any third party without the customer’s consents under Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

  • The information is disclosed or provided pursuant to laws.
  • The information is necessary for the protection of health or asset.
  • The information is specially needed for public health or well being of child
  • The information is needed to cooperate with government or jurisdiction.

The following cases shall not fall in the aforementioned “Disclosure to the third party”.

  • The Company delegates the task to a consignee with whom it has set forth in confidentiality agreements without exceeding the original purpose of usage.
  • The Company merges into or inherits business.
  • The limitation of usage and purpose is stated in advance under circumstances where groups share the Personal Information.

Access, correction and deletion
of the Personal Information.

In case you wish to access, correct or delete the Personal Information, The Company will promptly make the necessary action upon verification of the identity of the individual. However, the Company informs you in case the whole or part of the information shall not be released when:

  • It invades the rights or benefits of an individual or the third party.
  • It interferes with the Company’s standard operations.
  • It interferes with other laws.

Use of Cookies.

Some pages use a technology known as “Cookie”, which identifies customer’s computers, so as to make this homepage convenient. The customer may set a cookie alert or disable it in browser setting. In such case, the whole or part of service might not be available due to function disabled by setting.

Access and history logs.

The Company records the information of visitors as access logs and the record doesn’t contain the Personal Information. The access logs are utilized only for the purpose to maintain or analyze the website and will not be used for other purpose. However, there are cases that it needs to tie the history log to the Personal Information, such as inquiries in the service which the customer has registered his/her Personal Information. In such case, the Company states the purpose of the usage.


his site contains outside links, but not to share the Personal Information. The PRIVACY POLICY herein is valid only inside this website and the Company will not be responsible for the safety of the Personal Information at websites of other companies.

Amendment to PRIVACY POLICY.

This PRIVACY POLICY is subject to change in accordance to amendment to relevant laws. In such case, the Company shall make the announcement in this website.

For inquiries, contact.

For further inquires on the Company’s PRIVACY POLICY, please direct your queries to the following address.

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