Company Profile

Corporate Name
Shitanoe Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
1200 Shitanoe, Usuki-City Oita-Pref., 875-0002
Company President
Akio Tanaka
Establishment Date
1st of November, 1978
Foundation Date
30th of March, 1979
Capital Fund
Number of Employees
Shitanoe 65 Cooperative companies 420


Jul., 1978
The former employees of Usuki-Tekko started the steel ships department of Higashi Kyushu Shipbuilding
Feb., 1979
Delivered the first ship, 99G/T Tuna Fishing Ship
Mar., 1979
Establishied Shitanoe Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Apr., 1984
Installed a 10 ton fixed crane
Aug., 1986
Delivered 3283 D/W chemical tanker
Mar., 1992
Delivered the 100th memorial ship No.1128 Ship
Mar., 1994
Installed a 60-ton jib crane
Sep., 1995
Delivered the 2850 D/W LPG/VCM carrier
Mar., 1998
Delivered the 6500 D/W chemical tanker
May., 2001
Delivered the 3700 D/W LPG/VCM carrier
Jan., 2002
Delivered the 8000 D/W chemical tanker
Sep., 2003
Completed No.1 dock,30m×135m
Jan., 2004
Delivered the 1400 D/W LPG/VCM carrier
Apr., 2004
Closed Higashi Kyusyu Shipbuilding
Oct., 2004
Delivered the 8900 D/W chemical tanker
May., 2005
Delivered the 3800 D/W semi-ref. gas carrier
Apr., 2006
Built a new office building
May., 2006
Installed a 150-ton jib crane
Aug., 2006
Delivered the 5100 D/W LPG/VCM carrier
Jan., 2007
Extended the first dock by 30m and installed an intermediate gate
Sep., 2007
Delivered the 19500 D/W MPP
Jun., 2008
Built a second office building for ship owner directors and classification examiners
Jul., 2008
Delivered the 12500 D/W chemical tanker
Mar., 2009
The 30th anniversary of the founding
Nov., 2009
Built a blast factory to meet the PSPC requirements
Dec., 2009
Delivered the first ship equipped with ballast water treatment machinery
Apr., 2010
Delivered the 19900 D/W chemical tanker
Jun., 2010
Launched the first ship the 3500D/W LPG/VCM carrier,to meet the PSPC requirements,
Jul., 2010
Delivered 2800 D/W Chemical(Ethylene) Tanker
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SHITANOE SHIPBUILDING CO.,LTD 1200 Oaza Shitanoe Usuki City Oita prefecture 875-0002
TEL:0972-67-2216 FAX:0972-67-2465