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I am Kensaku Kato. We are going to be your guides on this website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Let’s start with our industrial location. We are located on the south shore of Shitanoe Bay, which is a 15-minute drive away from Usuki Station. Speaking physiognomy, the mouth of Shitanoe Bay runs from north to south and poens to the east. There is a little peninsula, which acts as a break wall, on the south side of the bay. from the southern edge to the north at the mouth of the bay. That is why in past years sailors have used Shitanoe Port as a safe haven. We used to call the large area from Saganoseki to Saiki Amabe(海部). Amabe was originally used as a navy base from the fourth to the seventh century for the biggest political power at the time, the Yamato Dynasty(大和朝廷). Since the start of the Yamato Dynasty, the ocean has been an important of the lives of the people in Amabe.
When you walk around this area, you soon realize that we are at a wonderful location. There are many shrines here and, as expected, many people pray for the safety of all ocean goers. Shitanoe Shipbuilding’s biggest goal is develop a relationship with the people of Amabe that is both harmonious and mutually beneficial.

In 2006, a shipbuilding training center opened in Saiki. Every year we send our new employees there to be properly trained and educated about shipbuilding. These employees have taken active roles in the construction of the 8 vessels, totaling 65,500D/W, that Shitanoe Shipbuilding has delivered in 2007. Here is our shipyard facilities and building records.

Manufacturing system for a large variety of vessels

Shitanoe started to invest in it’s facilities in 2002. With our experience and new facilities, we will be more than able to satisfy your needs.

Our first facility investment we made was building a new dock. We installed things such as a 150t crane and introduced 3DCAD. In 2007, we installed our own innovated intermediate gate in the dock that allows us to use the tandem shipbuilding method. We are now able to deliver 8 to 10 vessels in a year. We have the experience to build a variety of ships such as a Chemical Tanker, LPG Tanker, MPP, SEMI-REF, and Ethylene.

Here are our facilities.

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